Tribler 6.4.3 for Windows
Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 / 8

Mac OS X

Tribler 6.4.3 for Mac OS X
(Sorry, Leopard support dropped)

Changes since 6.4.1:
  • Add a checkbox for anonymity slider and use correct descriptions for anonymity levels
  • Add default anonymous level in settings
  • Add default anonymous level slidebar to SettingsDialog
  • Add packaging instructions for Debian,OSX,Windows
  • Add python version runtime check.
  • Add python-pil dependency
  • Check if we are running an old tribler with a new db version
  • Dont use hostname as nick
  • Ensure we don't try to remove the same relay twice
  • Fix FamilyFilter log exception
  • Fix FamilyFilter tracker encoding problem
  • Fix SettingsDialog restart segfault problem
  • Fix SettingsDialog restart segfault problem
  • Fix SetttingsDialog
  • Fix TFTP issues during shutdown
  • Fix TunnelOptin dialog buttons
  • Fix adding magnet link download
  • Fix anon dialog
  • Fix anonymous_slidebar in SaveAs dialog
  • Fix binary data being put in a couple assertion messages.
  • Fix download dialog
  • Fix hidden_service unit test
  • Fix mac crash on startup
  • Fix nickname problem
  • Fix proxy settings for normal downloads
  • Fix pymdht
  • Fix socket reading loop.
  • Fix some log entries formatting.
  • Fix the anontunnel opt-in dialog.
  • Fix the problem that ListItem is not registered
  • Fix typo in home tab.
  • Fix windows installer signing
  • Reset the nickname to "Tribler user" if the nickname contains the hostname.
  • Show a meaningful message before doing a slow task during upgrade
  • Update README
  • Update default download config
  • Use default anonymous level for new downloads
  • Use shutil.move instead of os.rename in several places to allow to move files across filesystems.

To see a complete list of the changes, please click here.